Alright, here’s the thing. Somehow you’ve managed to land the PERFECT girl. We’re not just talking about her looks, either. She’s smart, kind, hilarious (like, you actually laugh at her jokes because they’re funny, not because you have to) and she’s super giving

This chick’s got it all, man. So what’s the problem?

Well, before you sail off into the sunset for another awesome bang sesh (did we mention how good the sex is? Yeah, REAL good,) you’ve got to deal with the ONLY negative aspect of this relationship.

This broad is a little TOO hot.

Yeah, we know it sounds crazy…It’s awesome having a smokin’ hot girl you can parade around like a trophy, but the problem comes every other night when she’s constantly getting hit on by other guys. Unless you’re John Cena, and you have to stand within five yards of her and dudes are just naturally going to back off, there’s not much you can do.

Not that you’re a pussy or anything, but what are you going to do, fight off EVERY guy that makes a comment? That’s a good way to end up in jail, bro. Then, you’ll get a new girlfriend named Frank The Tank.

You two have a great relationship, but it’s also annoying the shit out of you how much she’s getting hit on. You really only have two options if you want to keep dating her. Either ignore the guys and act like it doesn’t bother you, or get jealous/angry and try to get in the way, and we already know where that will land you.

We know it’s going to be hard to ignore, but sack up man! For the love of God, you can’t lose this girl, she’s perfect don’t forget that!

Remember, she’s with you, and only you. It’s not her fault she’s so God damn sexy. Be proud of your girl, and let those other guys keep on dreaming!

Oh, they’ll be dreaming alright…

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