It’s the little things in life that often make the biggest impact. A decision to get involved in a new project may not seem like a big deal but sometimes, new ventures can bring fun and excitement to your life, and that can make all the difference. Even something as simple as a great gym session can change the entire course of your day for the better.

Speaking of fitness sessions, here’s a few cool projects that are all based around healthy lifestyles that are making the world a better place.


Founded in Kabul, Afghanistan, the goal of this group is to help today’s youth find empowerment through skateboarding. It encourages kids to get in the classroom, stay active, and form a strong bond with one another. Finding somewhere that offers both education as well as physical activities is very difficult in poverty stricken areas.

This project gives them an opportunity to experience things they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Since 2007 this group has been growing, and has even made its way to Cambodia and South Africa. Way to go Skateistan!

Adaptive Sports Fund

The Adaptive Sports Fund turns dreams into reality by providing special equipment for those with disabilities. The owner Jeffrey Yates, who is paraplegic himself knows all too well that it’s possible to push the limits and still lead an adventurous lifestyle, especially with the right equipment.

Yates takes part in many exciting activities such as golf, tennis and even paragliding. Thanks to Yates and his organization, others can have the opportunity to enjoy these sports as well. How cool is that?

Recess Youth Movement

After going through a few rough years during her teens, South African fitness star and entrepreneur Cleopatra Simelane, became the leader of the Recess Youth Movement. In her younger years, she suffered from depression and found that exercise made a positive impact on her life, so now she wants to share her findings with the youngsters of the world.

The Recess Youth Movement aims to inspire people to live healthier lives through support and education, which they are also hoping will help combat the growing obesity problem in South Africa. What a great cause!


This Canadian organization focuses on helping teen girls adopt a healthy lifestyle, which will positively impact them for the rest of their lives.

This three phase program begins at a conference in which a female athlete gives advice and shares her story for inspiration. Next up is eight weeks of training with activities like yoga and aerobics. Finally, in the last phase, the girls are encouraged to go outside their comfort zones by joining other ladies in a 5K or a 10K race. You go, girls!

Morning Gloryville

Everyone can use a jolt in their dull morning routines, and no I’m not talking about an excessive caffeine consumption. Rather than crawl out of bed for a cup of coffee while sleepily scrolling through your social media, why not start the day with great music and some crazy dancing to get pumped for the day? That’s what Morning Gloryville is all about!

This group holds events in cities all around the world. The intent is to bring people together through healthy living, dance, and music. Between the hours of 6am-10am indulge in music and entertainment, along with free yoga classes and massages. Morning Gloryville is the ultimate experience for the body, mind, and soul!

When is the last time you tried something new? With all the benefits of health and exercise, and so many options to incorporate these things in your life, there’s no reason to not take steps toward happy, healthy living.

Maybe you can even become the leader of the next great cause!

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