We know plenty of dice games nowadays, with the most notorious one being craps. It’s played in every big casino around the globe and attracts millions of gamblers each year. There’s something really exciting about the idea of rolling dice and waiting a few agonizing seconds before you get to see your fate.

But where do dice come from? It’s a very good question that’s still unanswered, because there’s evidence for old school dice games all around the world!

Roll the Bones

Archeologists can track the first signs of dice all the way back to Ancient times, around 8,000 years ago which is quite impressive. They were initially made by all kinds of materials, but the most common were actually bones! It’s interesting to note that the first dice weren’t used for games, but by shamans and witch doctors in various religious and fortune-telling rituals. Creepy!

When in Rome …

Research shows, the first who used the dice as a gambling tool were the Romans. It was kind of illegal back then, but people secretly played dice games for money (some things never change.)
There’s a famous quote by Julius Caesar who said “Lea iacta est” or “The die is cast.”

It looks like the good old Jules even had a thing for gambling!

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages are not particularly famous for games or gambling, but this doesn’t apply to dice. They managed to survive and even thrive through these dark times in history. Both aristocrats and peasants loved dice even though the Catholic Church tried to ban them. Considering how powerful it was back then, it’s quite telling that people continued to play. See, they are fun!
Present Time

Today, there are so many dice games that it would be hard to list even the most popular ones. The funny thing is, some of these games are banned in certain countries around the world, but people still play them illegally.

You obviously can’t separate a man from his dice!

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