Harsh title? Maybe. But with obesity rates shooting up across America, there are some pretty hefty cities all around the country. Just check out Texas, which has five of the nation’s fattest cities in its “repertoire.”

What about the rest of the world, though? Here are the top 10 fattest countries of the last decade, according to the World Health Organization:

American Samoa (93.5% of the population is overweight)

Abandoning traditional foods for processed garbage is responsible for this insanely high rate.

Kiribati (81.5%)

Processed foods sold at much lower prices than natural, healthier food has caused this country’s obesity rates to skyrocket.

United States (66.7%)

Shocking, right? With everything you see at a local Wal-Mart, you would think this would be even higher than No. 3.

Germany (66.5%)

Too much beer and Weiner schnitzel apparently!

Egypt (66%)

Cultural taboos put on women for exercising and playing sports have been a big cause for this rate.

Bosnia-Herzegovina (62.9%)

Vices such as smoking and drinking have contributed to this country’s unhealthy habits.

New Zealand (62.7%)

It might be a beautiful, picturesque place to visit or live, but not always the easiest on the eyes when it comes to its residents.

Israel (61.9%)

With a Western world lifestyle and not much exercise to boot, obesity rates have tripled over the last three decades

Croatia (61.4%)

No. 1 cause of death in Croatia: Cardiovascular disease.

United Kingdom (61%)

British people have recently been thought of as a lazy bunch that rarely exercises –it sounds pretty cruel but it’s proven by data.

Some of these numbers may be a little skewed by the fact that some countries’ populations are lower than others’ so there’s a better chance that their obesity rates will be higher.

Obesity has become a problem across the world though, and it can easily be solved by a healthy diet by limiting sugars and fats while increasing fruits/vegetables throughout your day.

Also, at least 30 minutes of regular physical activity at least three or four days a week will help shave off those extra pounds.

It’s not easy, but living a healthy life now will only benefit your future.

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