There are so many casino games out there that all seem so different but are actually very similar. You’re either betting, winning, or losing, and the specific rules of each game are what make it unique. But which one is the most exciting? Although the answer will be different based on each person’s opinion, there are some strong contenders out there.

Here’s our favorite five:


This is one of the most beloved casino games out there and for good reason. It’s one of the few that are actually beatable and the player’s actions are extremely important. Each hand is a new decision and your strategy is key. That makes it appealing to people who like more complex games where logic and skill are crucial.

Roulette and Baccarat

These two games are also among the most popular out there, but for entirely different reasons. There is almost no skill needed and the player’s involvement is limited to placing a bet. It sounds boring at first, but the simplicity of roulette and baccarat are actually pretty attractive. If you want to have some effortless fun, this is your poison.


If we judge by the noise around each table in the casino, craps is the undisputed champion. You’ll hear people cheering and swearing all night long. It’s especially thrilling for the shooter as he’s the one in control of all bets on the table. Although somewhat deceptive, the power to decide who wins and loses is the real deal.


Most people find poker exciting because it’s one of the only games in which you compete against other players rather than the house. It’s also a good mix of psychology, math and mental strength. That’s the reason lots of people, including the author of this article, believe it’s the most thrilling game in the casino.

What About the Rest?

There are so many other games that could be on this list as well, the likes of slots, video poker, the list is actually endless. Each of them have their very own fans and it’s up to you to find the one that suits you best.

Good luck, my friends!

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