Dirty Cookie, a luxury cookie boutique in Orange County, has broken the mold with their intriguing new creation. No, this is not a joke! Imagine some of your favorite flavors such as Chocolate Chip, Cookies N Cream, Red Velvet, and Double Chocolate.

Everything is hand-crafted and made with the highest quality of ingredients such as 100% organic flour and Belgian chocolate. Now that we have your attention, we can tell you the best part!

This boutique has come up with quite a unique concept; cookies that double as shot glasses. It sounds like a concept that would be on one of those “How High” movies…get it?

They’re chocolate-covered, delicious, shot glass shaped cookies baked to perfection. Each one can be filled with milk, icing, or anything that your heart desires, especially if it pairs well with chocolate. The decadent chocolate coating ensures there are no leaks, so you can drink up and chow down. It really puts a new spin on traditional milk and cookies, and even saves you from having to wash a glass. Convenient and tasty!

Just when you thought you had a handle on over indulging and really felt good about your summer bod, these had to happen.

Maybe you could fill the cookie shot up with vodka instead to save a little on the calories?


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