Looking for a new, more comfortable way to travel in style? If so, the new French Boutique Airline, La Compagnie, is the perfect fit for you!


The best always comes first, and there’s no difference with the air fares of La Compagnie. When compared with other business class fares of transatlantic flights, well, there’s really no comparison. This is the way to go for sure!


Flying from New York to Paris, you can re-charge your batteries (literally and figuratively) by falling asleep in massaging seats that lay completely flat while your laptop is charging right next to you. What makes La Compagnie even more relaxing and exclusive is its small capacity of just 19 rows and 74 seats throughout the entire cabin, with each featuring built-in massage features.

Personal Service

With a mere 74 passengers on each plane trip, the spacious all-business class cabin provides an atmosphere for exclusive attention from every person on board. The legendary service will give you a flight experience you have never had before.

Go ahead, Have a Second

Some of the finest wines and French Bistronomy, are provided on board each flight, making the phrase “airplane food” something to look forward to.

Quick Checks

Instead of waiting in the long, tear your hair out lines of other airports, La Compagnie gives its passenger’s fast-track security checkpoints and access to exclusive lounges so you’re able to kick your feet up and relax even before the flight (with massage.)

Sounds pretty good right? For more information, visit La Compagnie.

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