It might seem crazy, the idea that traveling can actually make you sexier.

Sure, it might seem strange, but its totally true!

Traveling makes you smarter, more sophisticated and a babe magnet, and here’s why:

Story Time

Just remember this little saying, If you have nothing to say, she wont give you a lay. The best way to come across more interesting and fun to a woman is to have great stories. Engaging stories makes you more appealing to women because, believe it or not, they don’t want you to babble on about your fantasy football league, how much you can bench press or your stock options. Telling stories of far-away lands and new, exotic people you have met goes well beyond the boring coffee shop conversation.

Bronze Body

Visiting relaxing beaches and soaking up the sun while drinking Mai Tais (you better not be drinking a pussy drink like that) is a great way to show off your body, and also work on your tan. If you have that killer bronze glow after returning home from the Caribbean, you’re good to go! Everyone looks better with a tan, bro.

Chicks Dig Scars

This ones for all you thrill seekers who prefer skiing the slopes of Vermont, hiking in Montana, or mountain climbing in the Rockies. These adventures can leave some pretty sexy war wounds. Yes, women think scars are sexy as long as they’re not right across your face. They provide a look that immediately catches a girls eye as shes dying to know what happened to you. See above, “story time.”

Location, Location, Location

Simply being in another place can make you feel more exotic and sexy. The entertainment of new experiences can turn ordinary dullness to extraordinary joy.

There’s Always Hope

One of the main reasons women will enjoy the stories of your travels is it brings a sense of wonder and excitement. Hearing these tales brings with it a chance to relish in the possibilities of seeing exotic places, and that will turn her on. Obviously.

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