It’s time to do a keg stand gents! In a recently published book written by sex expert, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, the facts on how beer can actually assist you in the bedroom are all “laid” out, so no need to keep wondering!

Can the suds really help you? Let’s find out!


Let’s start with the most obvious… alcohol makes you last longer! Do you really want to know the science behind it? Of course you don’t. The bottom line is beer, when drank in moderation, helps you last a lot longer before Kablamo. Just don’t overdo it and get a whiskey dick. Then you’re shit out of luck.


It’s been proven that beer drinkers are less likely to have heart problems or suffer a stroke. Surprising, yet true. If your heart can handle the increased workload, it spells out better stamina. Don’t let your girl down!


Beer helps you get in the mood more quickly (like that’s a problem anyway?) Here’s the flow: Beers such as Guinness contain lots of iron, which builds hemoglobin, which helps create nitric oxide, which gives better blood flow to your dong, which means stronger and better hard-ons which means fun explosions for you and your partner. Get it?

The next time you get lectured for drinking too much beer, just remind them that you’re doing it for the sex.

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