For those who love to eat and travel, which let’s face it is probably all of us, you’re going to love this! There just so happens to be a large variety of some of the best food festivals that take place yearly in different parts of the United States.

Below are just a few of our favorites!

Taste of Chicago- Chicago, IL

Begin in the wonderful Midwest and spend five days taking in the delicious Chicago cuisine. From Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian sausage to the famous Chi-town pizza, there’s no shortage of great eats. Add in the live music performances and shows, and it will be a beautiful atmosphere for any and all ages.

NYC Food and Wine Festival- New York

New Yorkers are very proud of their city. The Food and Wine Festival which takes place every fall is just another reason to enjoy the Big Apple. Also, the festival is held for a good cause as 100% of the proceeds go to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign and the NYC Food Bank. Even if you don’t like the food – which you will – you can leave satisfied knowing you helped out some charities.

Aspen Food and Wine Classic- Aspen, CO

One of the most classic food festivals in America is the 30-year-old Aspen festival, one of the most popular and highest rated. With all of the magnificent, picturesque landscapes in Aspen, you can enjoy one of the best regions in the country. Oh, and the high elevation will get you drunk even faster – just another added benefit.

Maine Lobster Festival- Rockland, ME

If seafood is your forte, check out the delicious lobster on the East Coast. The July festival is a five-day run that includes fair, shows, and crafts to go along with the 20,000 pounds of lobster waiting for you. Yum!

Savanah Food and Wine Festival- Savanah, GA

The newest festival on this list is another one for food and wine lovers. Some of the world’s most famous chefs mark this as one of the most unique out of the group. Attend cooking shows, lectures, and competitions that fill up your stomach for all you hungry food travelers around the country.

Yes, that’s a lot of food, but just think, you’ll be doing A LOT of walking so it kind of works out, right?

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