America the Beautiful wasn’t written based on a bunch of lies you know. This country has some absolutely breathtaking sights, and what better way to see them all then to take a road trip!

Take in the gorgeous scenery with us while we visit these 10 road trip destinations!

Chase the Thrill

For those thrill seekers out there, head to Las Vegas to spend a weekend flying around the city in a high speed race car. If you have ever dreamt of cruising around in a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, here’s the time to make it happen! Go ahead and check your adrenaline at the door, you’ll be driving up to 10 laps around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. What!

Bourbon Man?

Kentucky is famous for two things: horse races and bourbon. Take in the classics such as Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam, among the 60-plus bourbon collection at Bar at Blu, the Seelbach Hotel and Dish on Market. Visit the picturesque countryside while you’re at it and make it a fun-filled weekend for all!

DIY Beer Mile

Here’s something to do if you really want to get out of your comfort zone. Take a run (ok, walk) through central Boston, stopping to drink every 100 feet on a mile beer “run” through some of the classic bars in New England. Now THAT sounds like a party!

Best Mountain Bike Glamping

So cars, beer and bourbon isn’t for you, but you’re still into getting your heart rate up. Ride through some of the Pacific Northwest’s best dirt trails in Methow Valley, Washington – about four hours from Seattle and Spokane. There’s plenty of outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and fishing to keep you on the move.

East Coast Rock Climbing

Whether you’re a beginner or expert hiker, Shawangunk Preserve (no, not *Shawshank* Preserve,) provides over 1,200 rock climbing routes. Just 85 miles from New York City, be sure to plan for traffic crowds accordingly.

Outdoor Music

In Morrison Colorado, lives a large red sandstone amphitheater with fantastic acoustics that provides natural booming concerts every year. The Beatles, the Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix, have all been showcased there, and with each new year, the show just gets better!

Get the Best BBQ

Chicago offers one of the greatest melting pots for BBQ in the States, including Smoque, offering a to-die-for brisket and beans. Other hot places include Rub’s Backcountry, Smokehouse, and Smalls. These spots are delicious, and afterwards you can go catch a Cubs game at historic Wrigley Field. No really, the Cubs are actually good this year…

New England Road Rides

Vergennes Vermont, offers some of the best places for a true road trip in which you can sightsee and take in beautiful Northeast America. The tiny city offers flats and rolling hills, perfect for whether you wish to see for miles or look up at gorgeous mountains and trees.

Take a Trip to the Woods

If you’re looking for great hiking spots and national parks, look no further than Asheville, North Carolina. This is where you will encounter Pisgah, Nantahala and the Great Smoky Mountains. For the outdoorsman, this spot offers hunting, fishing, camping and mountain biking that is second to none.

California’s Remote Island Adventure

For those wanting to escape out to the West Coast, the Channel Islands offer the most relaxing and gorgeous spots. Hop on a boat to one of the eight islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, soak up the sun and let your worries drift away!

It’s been said that sometimes the drive to your destination is more fun than the actual trip itself.

With these 10 destination spots, you’re set to plan the ultimate road trip!

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