Ladies and gentlemen, summer is finally here! We’ve been waiting for those beautiful beaches and delicious cocktails all winter long.

It’s time to put away the coats and boots and bring out the bathing suits!

Here’s a list of the 10 top places to visit in June:

Kaua’i, Hawaii

You can’t go wrong with a trip to Hawaii. The beautiful resort beaches, picturesque scenery and tropical climate, make it an easy spot to go and let your worries drift away. Of course, you don’t have to wait until June to make the trip, any time is a good time to visit Hawaii.

Stockholm, Sweden

Following the cold and harsh winter, Stockholm becomes a vibrant place filled with festivals, concerts, and island hopping. You’ll enjoy great shopping, gorgeous parks that are in full bloom, and the sun that almost never sets! This place is a MUST see.

Havana, Cuba

The long, lavish summer days provide an endless, breathtaking experience in the Caribbean. Cruises, art bars, and hotel openings, including Pullman Cayo Coco, have made Havana a lovely destination.

Bangkok, Thailand

If you want to live a little like the boys from The Hangover: Part II, visit one of the busiest cities in the world. Unfortunately, the weather may be a bit unpredictable but art galleries, personalized spas, and the engaging nightlife make it a vacation worth taking. Plus, its Bangkok, come on!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Outdoorsmen and nature types will be in heaven visiting this park filled with trails and adventures for the whole family to enjoy. Experience all the beauty the park has to offer, from gorgeous wildflower meadows, to the actual birth of wildlife. Yeah, that’s possible here!


Not exactly known for being “a great vacation destination,” things are starting to change in places such as Guatemala City, El Mirador, and Lake Atitlan. The authenticity and views of the country make it one of the hottest spots in the world.

Bordeaux, France

June is a perfect time to visit France! With some of the top wineries in the world, this is a magical place for any and all who want to relax with a few glasses of refreshments. Oh, and the sun is almost always shining!

Venice, Italy

If the food ALONE isn’t enticing enough for you to visit Italy, experiencing the canal rides and all the romance in one of the most beloved cities in the world will surely change your mind!

Beijing, China

If you want to experience new adventures in a new culture, look no further than Beijing in June! With low visitor expectancy, traveling to China in the sixth month of the year is cheap, yet satisfying.

London, England

Take a trip across the pond and experience everything the United Kingdom’s capital has to offer. The glitz of the country’s jewel will leave your jaw dropped as you take in the stunning, historic buildings, museums and skyline. Plus, you need to party in England at least once in your life.

Now go pack your bags!

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