What makes some men more attractive than others? Genetics have something to do with it: if you’re a little more handsome or taller or have a better build, you tend to get more stares and interest.

In terms of looks, scientists around the world weigh on things that many women (not all) find more attractive. According to a study by UCLA, more muscular men do have more sexual partners. And according to an Australian study, a five o’clock shadow or stubble (or an “intermediate level of beardedness,” as they say) is attractive to women as well. Both convey masculinity and dominance.

In a 2010 study, women also love it when men wear red; it’s a color of status. Think of royalty and the Roman Empire. Symmetry is a good quality too, indicating adaptability and strong health, so says the University of New Mexico. That same study suggested that men’s physical features (especially facial bone structure) is shaped by testosterone. Hence, the sharper and stronger the jawline, the more attractive the man appears.

The University of Aberdeen emphasized a deep voice in men, with women saying they were “more memorable.” And eyes are critical too–but specifically an area called the “limbal ring,” a dark circle surrounding the iris. The darker the ring, the higher likelihood of virility and youth. At the University of Liverpool, a study of 4,500 men revealed that taller men are more successful at mating than men who were shorter.

But hey, just because you may be lacking in some, most, (jeez, or all) of these areas, this doesn’t HAVE to be the deal breaker. Dress well, be confident, and fun to be around, and you’ll be the coolest guy in the room.

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