Imagine waking up with your girlfriend while surrounded by 35 sharks in an underwater glass room. Oh, and you’re submerged in 800,000 gallons of water. Well, Airbnb and the Paris Aquarium teamed up to organize the coolest sleepover ever, “Night At the Shark Aquarium,” in other words, sleeping with the sharks.

Three lucky couples got the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to spend a night at the aquarium with the teethy gray fish. The Paris Aquarium opened in 1867 making it the oldest aquarium in the world. Did I mention it’s walking distance from the historic Eiffel Tower? So cool.

The contest marks the first time guests have ever been allowed to spend the night with the sharks or in the aquarium at all. The experience was hosted by Fred Buyle, a world record-breaking free diver, underwater photographer, and of course shark enthusiast.

Shark Tank

Not only did the winning couples get to spend a night underwater, they got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look inside the aquarium and a private dinner. (I doubt fish was on the menu). They also learned about the lives of their neighbors for the night, the sharks. Topics covered included how sharks live, their importance in the ecosystem, and why they’re often misrepresented or misunderstood. Poor gray guys! Sharks really do get a bad rap because, you know, shark attacks and Sharknado.

There was one house rule that was probably really hard to follow: No Selfies. The sharks are sensitive to light (and douchey-ness.) Sorry bro! They also recommended not watching the movie Jaws before the big night. That makes sense, you don’t want to give off bad vibes to your massive neighbors…that can eat you.

Sleeping in a round bed surrounded by these incredible creatures makes Shark Week seem so WEAK!

I wonder if there was a rule about getting frisky. I’m sure it’s difficult to get hard with Jaws staring back at you.

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