Okay, there are ALWAYS opportunities in life to meet women, but some situations are better than others, right? Traveling is by far the best time to take advantage and meet some beautiful women. Why? Chances are, you’ll never see one another again and nobody you know probably knows that person. You have less than nothing to lose…okay, maybe your pride if she shoots you down, but who cares? There’s plenty of other women and plenty of you to go around. There are a few very basic rules to follow in order to get in good with the Traveling Tango…yeah, you know what that is.

Tarmac Mackin’

Women are used to getting hit on everywhere, so a flight is no different. You have to play it cool though, don’t come on too strong, and don’t ignore the hints if she’s not feeling you. It’s easy to strike-up a conversation about nearly anything from the flight delay, the airline, or the destination. If she puts her earbuds in as soon as she sees you, don’t start talking and make her remove them and feel uncomfortable. Also, try to limit your in-flight flirtation for all the passengers seated next to you. If you’re flirting over the aisle, eyes will roll.

Pool Party

We all know how the pool party scene works e.g., Vegas, Miami, and Mexico. Don’t be a wuss, but don’t even think about being a cocky douchebag. If you see somebody that peaks your interest go up to her. Be friendly and try to include her friends and maybe even your friends into the conversation. By all means, do not bring 5 of your friends over and surround her. It’s just a little intimidating and awkward. Be aware of the blocker too. All women have a cock blocker in the group, make sure to butter them up and then go in for the kill….err, the number. Ask what they’re getting into later and if they’d like to meet up with your group for drinks or dinner later. Keep it light and casual, you’re on vacation after all.


If the thought of a pool party just doesn’t do it for you and you’d rather be hiking, whitewater rafting, there’s women there too! The only problem on trips like this is, if you’re on a group outing or excursion you don’t want to come on too strong and scare her away, so she avoids you the whole time. Ask her questions about the excursion or if she’s ever done something like it before. The trick here is you actually have to listen and stay engaged, but also don’t seem desperate and thirsty. A hard balance to strike indeed, but you can do it.

Meeting women should never be an issue, but meeting women while traveling is almost a guaranteed good time! You’re both away from home, feeling adventurous, and don’t have to worry about everyone back home knowing your business about what you did that night. So go book a flight and do the Traveling Tango!

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