Although you love the results the gym gives you, some days you just can’t make it. Maybe life gets in the way of your gym routine or you’d rather just get some fresh air and hit the trail or the beach for a lighter workout. That’s where Monkii Bars come in.

This portable system allows you to work out on the go or even in the comfort of your home. Made up of two maple and aerospace grade aluminum bars, and corresponding 18-foot line, the system allows you to use your body weight to perform a workout practically anywhere.

You can do a variety of upper and lower body workouts with Monkii Bars. In fact, creativity is encouraged because the versatility of the bars allow you to mix-up many different movements to create your own personalized workout. Your workout can include anything from pull-ups, pushups, curls, rows, and core strength building. The bars can even be used to increase stamina and flexibility. Stamina and flexibility are important for your health and for better sex!

They’re compact and self-contained, which makes them ultra-convenient. The special chord used for suspending your Monkii Bars is stored within the bars themselves, so you’ll never be missing any components.

You can find something like a tree branch, door jam, or anything strong and stable, then loop your line over it and use an adjuster to secure your bars to the line. Just make sure the bars are even with one another and begin your workout. The bars are independent of one another, so you have to engage your muscles to keep the bars stable.

Setting-up the bars takes less than a minute, so there’s really no excuse not to fit in a workout whenever you get some free time. This is just like having an entire gym at your fingertips.

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