Scuba diving is an incredible experience on its own, but if you’re interested in taking it one step further, you’ve got to check this out!

Night diving adds a whole new twist to the typical scuba adventure. We’ll take you around the world to scope out some of the best night diving spots, so you can amp up your next summer vaca. Make sure to bring your flashlight, you’ll need it!

Kona, Hawaii

Diving off of Kailua-Kona is usually done following a sunset sail where you’re tethered to the boat and descend down into the ocean. You don’t have to do a lot of swimming, it’s more like a kick-back and take it all in type of dive. What you’ll see is unlike anything you’ve seen during a daytime ocean experience. There’s shape changing jellyfish called beroes, plankton, and plenty of other cool sea creatures that take on a whole new look when viewed at night.


UV night diving is unlike anything you’ve tried before! This experience allows you to view sea creatures in a neon, biofluorescent glow. I’ll bet you’ve never experienced coral, shrimp, and eel like this before. By affixing a UV lights and special masks, you get to experience a bright and surreal look underwater. This is a must!


Aside from pyramids and camel rides, Egypt is also host to some of the best diving in the world! Egypt is another place where UV diving is taking off. A top night dive destination here is the Seven Pillars at Safaga. The pillars are pinnacles covered with soft corals and home to glassfish, giant puffer fish, octopus, morays, lionfish, and plenty of other creatures, according to the Chamber of Diving & Watersports – Egypt.

St. Croix

Be prepared for a bioluminescent light show like something you’d see at a rave. Not only will you be able to check out all the cool fish and seahorses, but the most stellar event is the unique mating dance performed by the Ostracod. What you’ll see is a fluorescent blue secretion emitted by the males in the water. It’s a neon underwater spectacle, you have to see to believe.


This is an overnight adventure, which makes it all the more unique. There’s a private lodge on the island of Koh Rong Smaleum and the dives you’ll experience here are said to be the best Asia has to offer. Oh yeah, bioluminescent creatures here too!


Phuket Thailand also offers epic night dives! Phuket, is not pronounced how it looks, it’s more like “POO-GET.” This is a blue UV light dive where shrimp, crab, and other sea life look photo shopped, it’s nothing short of amazing and you have to add this one to your bucket list.


Talk about cool AND creepy. This night dive will take you through the sunken ship wreckage of the Veronica L. No need to fear, you’ll be less than 50 feet below the surface and still get to see awesome sea life like seahorses and bright coral. This is one of the most unique dives on the list because, hello…shipwreck!

Night diving is definitely a great way to step up your scuba game in a big way! This is the ultimate experience that will leave your friends like “that must be photo shopped” when you come home with pictures!

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