Let’s face it. Men just get better looking with age. If you want to age like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, you’ll need to add a few minutes to your daily routine to ensure the highest level of sexy will prevail. I’m sure you can handle it.

Stay Hydrated!

This is a biggie. Chances are you aren’t drinking enough water. Ideally, you should be drinking at least 1/2 of what your body weighs in ounces. It seems like a lot, but your body needs water so put down that coke, and hit that H20!

Wear Sunscreen

It’s not just for the beach, sunscreen should be a daily requirement especially if you’re always out and about in the sun. Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen to reduce skin aging prematurely.

Wash Your Face at Night

If you neglect your face at night dirt stays in your pores, which can lead to nasty breakouts. No woman wants to touch a nasty pimple face.

Moisturize (no, this isn’t gay)

Applying a daily moisturizer hydrates your skin and makes it super soft. Forget whatever thought you might have about how this is just for “chicks,” moisturizing is for anyone with a face.

Eat Healthy

The high levels of refined sugar in processed foods lead to wrinkles, dehydrated skin, and acne, so try a salad or vegetables more often.

Don’t Shampoo Everyday

Instead of shampooing daily, try shampooing twice a week to retain the natural oils and added shine. Your hair needs those natural oils to remain think and soft. Women love thick…hair.

Always Wear Sunglasses

When you don’t protect your eyes you end up squinting, which leads to crow’s feet (these are un-appealing if that wasn’t obvious enough.) Keep your sunglasses on deck at all times.

Stay Away From Junk Food

You don’t really know what you’re eating when you head to a restaurant or a fast food joint. It’s best to stick with whole clean foods that are better for your health and body. Of course you will still give into the urge and eat some greasy tacos, just jeep it to a minimum.

Eat the Good Fats

This is a super common myth that most people don’t understand. Not all fat is bad! Mono & polysaturated fats are skin-boosting with high levels of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin D. It’s easy to incorporate a handful of nuts a day for a longer life.

So there you have it! Throw on some killer shades, hit the beach (after you apply sunscreen) and pack yourself a healthy lunch. This is all it takes to keep the sexy train rollin’ into old age.

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