Sex can be hard, in more ways than one. In order to prepare for a good romp in the sheets, here’s a few exercises that will help you step up your game when it matters most…in bed.

Bowing Pushup

Lower your torso like a standard pushup and as you come within inches of the floor, drop your hips toward the ground, push your arms straight, and lift your head and chest upwards. Hold the position, and lift your hips until you return to the pushup position again. Perform at least 10 in a row. You will feel this one for sure!

Benefit: This exercise will have you ready for the tried and true missionary position as it will strengthen the arms and shoulders.

Hollow-Body Bridge Hold

Lie down with your arms slightly angled from your sides. Then, lift your hips off the floor while engaging your glutes. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and increase the timing with each workout.

Benefit: Although you’re just lying there, Cowgirl requires a little more from you. The bridge hold helps build lower back and hip strength which helps for a more “controlled” ride.

Sandbag Bear Hug Squat

Get a heavy sand bag in a bear hug and stand in the standard squat position with your feet about shoulder width apart. Perform squats while hugging the sandbag. Feel the burn, baby!

Benefit: Vertical aka “the standing positions,” like the iron chef are more advanced than other basics like missionary. The amount of strength required for these more challenging positions can be perfected with the sandbag bear hug squat. You need strong core, arms, and legs for this position.

V-Sit Progression

From a sitting position, lift your legs off the floor while keeping them straight and form a “V” with your body and legs. The goal is to hold this position for about a minute.

Benefit: Seated positions like face off require a strong core and hip flexors. Although you’re sitting down, you’re still working hard. Having a strong core will help prevent lower-back aches in seated positions. Score!

Kneeling Band-Resisted Hip Thrusts

Anchor a resistance band to your feet and wrap it over and around your hips. While laying down, let your glutes rest on the back of your heels. Quickly raise your hips and squeeze your glutes. Hold this position for a moment and then return to the starting position. Do this about 20 times.

Benefit: One of the greatest known positions, doggy style, can be improved when you start working on your hip thrusts. Doggy style requires strength and flexibility in the glutes and hips, and this exercise targets both those key areas.

Don’t disappoint your lady by not being able to keep up with her constant sexual appetite for new and fun positions. Show her how it’s done!

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