If you’re looking for the ultimate spring break party destination in North America that rivals Las Vegas, (without the price tag) you should consider Cancun for your next trip! Although you’ll need a plane ticket, you can party for a fraction of the cost. Can you say, bottle service for $100? Good luck finding that in Las Vegas!

Night Life

There are huge clubs that host thousands of partygoers like Palazzo, Mandalo, Coco Bongo, and Elevate Ultra Club & Sky Garden to name a few. If partying with the masses isn’t your style, there’s also plenty of smaller spots to keep the party going. Head over to Cancun’s Hotel Zone which is known as the Party Center and you’re bound to find a spot that suits your tastes.

If planning the night seems like too much of a hassle, there’s also hosted tours and VIP club packages, so you can leave the planning to the experts. These experiences take you to the best clubs in Cancun and you can focus on important things like wet t-shirt contests and the crazy circus inspired performances.


Aside from its awesome party scene, Cancun has a rich heritage and is known as El Mundo Maya or the gateway to the Mayan World. Its beautiful white sand beaches and modern amenities are the perfect setting for relaxation or a little romance. Since Cancun hosts over 3 million visitors a year, its hotels and hospitality staff are top notch. One of the more luxurious hotels in Cancun is the Ritz-Carlton, providing an all-inclusive experience. Can someone say bring on the Tequila shots!


There’s also plenty of activities to keep you busy between partying and relaxing like fishing, scuba diving, and jungle tours. Plus, there are five golf courses, so you can hit the greens with all the money you saved on bottle service.
If you’re looking to go all out on your next vacation or even just a quick party weekend, head down to scenic Cancun. Remember, what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun! Or, maybe not?

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