Planning a trip to the oasis in the desert otherwise known as Sin City? Before you pack your lucky rabbit’s foot, check out four — as in four aces — best kept secrets to winning big!

Go where everybody knows your name

They may not have all the glitter and dazzle of casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard, but downtown (Fremont Street) casinos are where its at. This is where you’ll find local Las Vegans playing the cheapest tables in town and winning with rules favoring players instead of the house. Your stops on Fremont Street should definitely include the classic Binion’s, Four Queens and El Cortez casinos. Set aside some cash to grab a drink at other local hangouts such as the Don’t Tell Mama piano bar, video arcade Insert Coins and catch some local bands at Beauty Bar.

Be a good sport and win!

Football season may be over, but March Madness is hot on its heels. Redeem yourself from that small fortune you lost on the big game and head to Vegas, where guess what? Sport betting is completely legal! The Las Vegas strip is a veritable cornucopia of sport betting establishments, but we hear the MGM Grand is the most, well…grand. The fun factor is great here and probably your best bet (pun intended) if you’re with the wife or girlfriend. She’ll have a blast getting caught up with the excitement and you’ll get to watch the game. It’s a win-win!

Stick to the basics

If you’ve never played a card game or gambled in your life and you’re in Vegas looking to pop your cherry, play the craps table. More specifically, bet the Pass Line. It’s the most basic game of chance and your odds are pretty close to 50/50. You’ll find some of the best craps tables on the The Strip at O’Sheas. You walk up to the table, place your bet, roll the die and let beginner’s luck work its magic. All you’re concerned with is rolling a 7 or 11. Anything other than that, just get up from the table and walk your tipsy ass over to the beer pong tables at O’Sheas to try your luck there. Then you’ll know for sure if lady luck is holding out tonight.

Don’t get hustled

If you walk up to a poker table and it looks like a scene out of Cheers with players making plans for the weekend and calling each other by their first name, walk away immediately. These are locals. Yes, earlier we suggested you seek out the haunts where the locals play, but never play against them. This is how many of them earn the money for their wife’s boob job and they are just waiting for bright-eyed, fat-wallet-carrying tourists like you. Make your poker game a cake walk by being strategic about location and timing. Location: poker rooms near a mega-club. Time: the wee hours of the morning after clubs close. Grab a seat and watch as the room fills up with drunk dudes itching to keep the party going. They had no luck getting laid that night, so they’ll want to stroke their male ego playing poker against you. They’ll head home horny AND broke!

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