Kalymnos – Greece

Kalymnos, a smaller island in the southeastern Aegean Sea, enjoys perfect weather almost all year round. This Greek island has been said to be one of the world’s greatest sport climbing adventures you will ever experience. In the 2015 climbing guide, there were 2500 route options you can choose from for your climb. A short hike is involved to get to each climbing route but the surrounding views will make you think a Greek Goddess is about to appear from within the rock walls.


The Grampians & Arapiles, Victoria – Australia

They say everything is better down under, right? Well, at least the rock climbing is said to be. Australia’s top climbing destination with more than a thousand courses over an entire tree-covered park is known to be ideal for the experienced and more hard core climbers.  For those beginners who are really looking for more of a short climb, Mt. Arapiles, which is really 2000 different routes made into one smaller mountain, is a better option. For all of the Grampian climbers, be on the lookout for those breath taking waterfalls and cool looking rock formations in your path!


Krabi Region – Thailand

With all of the rocky cliffs and elevated jungles, Thailand has been known to be one of the most tropical sports climbing destinations of the world. With warm, dry days and cooler nights, it’s possible to climb all year round without worry. All of the gorgeous limestone rocks and ancient artifacts during the climb will leave the travelers stunned by the countries beauty.


Todra Gorge – Morocco

Morocco’s primary rock climbing destination, Todra Gorge, is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss! Known for its perfect mix of sport climbing, adventure and culture, Todra Gorge will give you the feeling that you just walked onto the Gladiator movie set with the views and the eerie feeling of openness.


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