St. Patrick’s Day is the official day of feast in Christianity. That’s weird, considering most people interpret a day of feast as an excuse to overindulge in green beer and corn beef, getting shitfaced in the streets. Any excuse for drinking is a hit world-wide, therefore there are many international parties celebrating the Irish culture. Check out a few of our favorites!

Dublin, Ireland

While the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is debated among the Irish as either deprecating or a celebration to the culture, that doesn’t stop millions in celebrating. However, if you come dressed as a leprechaun, prepare to get the shit beat out of you.

London, England

Ireland’s virtual neighbor, England loves to participate in typical, classy English fashion, with parades being held in their Trafalgar Square.

Boston, Massachusetts

The Irish immigrant hub of the universe, Boston welcomes over 600k visitors to the area each year to celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in Boston back in 1737, before America was even founded.

Chicago, Illinois

Many locations around the world dye their waters green, commemorating the yearly holiday. But every year, Chicago takes it one step further, coloring their river bright green. It’s an awesome sight to see!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

While not endorsed by any official entities, there are several Irish pubs located on the downtown street of Reconquista in Buenos Aires. There you can find up to 50k people in the street partying all night long.

Moscow, Russia

Russia puts an interesting blend on the Irish holiday, as they host a military-style parade in collaboration with the Irish Embassy in Russia, creating a serious, yet joyous event.

Seoul, South Korea

A party destination regardless of the date, Seoul loves any excuse to spend an entire day and night drinking Guinness and hitting up nightclubs.

Montserrat, Lesser Antilles

Irish refugees have escaped their country by any means and have settled in all corners of the globe, even this small Caribbean island, so there’s bound to be a party here!

Montreal, Canada

Montreal loves their Irish brothers, so a parade is held dating back to 1824. The Canadians even include a shamrock in the corner of their flag, a symbol of unity between the two countries.

Coatbridge, Scotland

This is the St. Patrick’s Day party destination for anyone and everyone! Sponsored by both the Irish government and Guinness, this city-wide party runs for 14 days. Two weeks for a celebration seems excessive, but what would you expect from a city nicknamed ‘Little Ireland’? Coatbridge earned this mantle due to the influx of Irish immigrants all the way back in the 19th century.

Everyone loves to drink; that’s why it was turned into a holiday! Be sure to put these destinations on your map this year for a unique Irish adventure!

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