For the sixth year in a row, The Outdoor Program is proud to announce, it will be hosting the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, which takes place the month of February! For those not familiar with the tour, it’s one of the most prestigious mountain festivals in the world, and is also one of the largest.

Each year, a festival is held in November in Banff, Canada. This particular festival showcases a collection of thought-provoking films from places all over the world, then all of the best films make their way to the Banff Mountain Festival World tour! The world tour visits nearly 285 different communities in 36 countries all around the world.

From remote landscapes, to action-packed sports, the World Tour highlights the talents of some of the best mountain filmmakers in the world. This year, the Banff Tour will feature collections of the latest and greatest films, but they will be under two completely different film programmes; the RED and BLUE.

The red programme will include a variety of titles such as Metronomic, which was voted best film in the Mountain Sports category, as well as Young Guns, which won the “People’s Choice Award for Radical Reels”. The blue programme has a few award-winning titles itself. Give me Five, was also chosen for best film in the Mountain Sports category while The Super Salmon Special Jury Mention.

The show will be held on February 21th, 2017 at the Music Recital Hall at SOU. Tickets are $17 if you pre-order them online, otherwise you will be paying $20 at the door. If you’re in the area be sure to check out the festival. This will be a show you won’t want to miss!

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