Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you typically spend mourning your single life, buying your girlfriend the usual Hallmark card, or just ignoring it completely. If you would rather spend your Valentine’s Day between the sheets with a beautiful woman, then listen up! We have a few guaranteed tips to getting laid on V-day!

Don’t Forget The Day

Most dudes could care less about Valentine’s Day while women secretly go over their mental checklist of romantic expectations at least six weeks prior. You’re doing yourself a great injustice by just blowing it off and treating it as another day. If you acknowledge all the “warm and fuzzy feelings”, you have a good chance of setting yourself up for an evening of enjoyment.

Get Creative

Flowers and cards are nice and all, but really? Let’s do something original. You can really step up your game if you get creative with your gift. Give her something that says “I actually listen when you talk to me.” Whether she’s a serious girlfriend or not, she won’t be able to keep her hands off you if she sees the effort. Has she ever told you about a hobby or guilty pleasure? Get her something to show her you support those things. If there’s a musician she loves but you can’t stand, buy tickets and offer to go with her. Think about it, the show will most likely be on a different date, so you’ll probably get laid that night too!

Plan Something

For your girlfriend, plan something meaningful, like a romantic dinner at home or a peaceful drive to spend quality time together. If you just hand her a card, expect to sit on the couch alone in front of the TV all night. Putting in some effort and showing her you really put some thought into making her feel special will definitely work in your favor. If you’re single, text that cute girl from the gym you’ve had your eye on and invite her for drinks. Pick somewhere a little classier than the local dive so you set the right atmosphere.

Set The Mood Early On

If you have plans to meet up later that evening, send a few flirtatious texts throughout the day. Don’t overdo it and come off like a creeper, though, just a few suggestive texts will be enough to keep her guessing what kind of evening you have in store for her.

Just Say It

Once you’re well into the evening and having a blast together, look her directly in the eyes and tell her how bad you want her right in that moment. It may take her by surprise, but guaranteed she’ll be just as ready, and you’ll be screaming for the check to come!

This year, make your V-day a night to remember. Yes, we all know it’s a cheesy holiday that men could care less about, but it doesn’t make sense to treat it as just another day when there are some many awesome benefits (getting laid). Let’s just say, if we could meet Saint Valentine, we’d high-five him!

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