The future of gaming is finally here! Virtual reality continues to gain exposure as a fully immersive experience that allows the gamer to live through their fantasies. However, with the progression of technology comes an increased amount of competition in the market. There are dozens of different VR products with a wide range of quality and prices. Let’s check out a few of the best VR devices that provide affordability and amazing experiences.

PlayStation VR- $399.99

Most of the products are niche-based, but none are more common than the PlayStation. Many gamers have access to the system, creating a broad network and great potential for many upcoming games in 2017. This type of real-estate on mainstream title games, makes the PlayStation VR one of the best devices on the market currently.

The HTC Vive- $799.99

What the HTC Vive lacks in affordability, it makes up for in excitement. No, this isn’t the common man’s VR product, but that should draw you in more. With wireless controllers to compliment the headset, you can experience all the lifelike graphics in better quality than other competitors. It’s obvious which virtual reality product went all-in.

Samsung Gear VR- $59.99

Continuing the niche-market, Samsung is releasing its own VR technology, compatible with their smart phones. The product is marketed as a user-friendly journey, which enables you to explore artificial dimensions.

Oculus Rift- $599.99

This is one of the products that put virtual reality on the map. Since it’s nearly the first brand on the market, expect only the best from Oculus Rift, with both affordability and functionality.

Google Daydream View- $112.00

Android’s attempt at a VR product is much like Samsung’s product, effectively switching your smart phone into a video game. It’s pricier, but then again, VR products essentially boil down to compatibility requirements, forcing the consumer to purchase.

There are many competitors in the virtual reality market, so it’s understandable that people don’t have a clue which to buy. There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a product, so be sure to do your research before investing in this technology.

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