Virtual Reality concepts have become increasingly popular over the years, but it seems nothing new has surfaced recently. We may see a change in that, though, according to recent announcements. If there was a company that would be expected to release the next technologically genius Virtual Reality platform, who would it be?

That’s right, Google steps up once again! They’ve recently announced a new VR platform appropriately named “The Daydream,” which offers an immersive experience combined with mobile technology. Aside from the fact that the concept of the platform itself is pretty cool, there will be hundreds of games and apps available as well, including but not limited to Harry Potter Games, Hulu, Youtube, and even Street View tours. It sounds like boredom won’t be an issue because there won’t be much that you can’t experience!

Since Google seems to be putting a lot behind VR technology, it’s safe to say this announcement may actually lead to some pretty compelling advancements. In fact, there was even more to this new surprise other than the new technology. Google also took this opportunity to showcase the “Daydream View,” which is the VR headset for the platform.

Google is taking a much more logical approach this time around and insisting on using comfortable fabrics rather than hard plastics in their design, which drastically reduces the distance between us and the future of VR technology. This equipment is also going to be something that phone manufacturers and tech developers can access, making it even more universal.

It’s refreshing to see all the new creations Google is constantly coming up with. We can’t wait to see where the Daydream leads us!

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