When the company you work for requires you to travel, it’s always wise to pack for more than just the “business” part. Keep in mind that just because you’re there for work doesn’t necessarily mean there can’t be any play time. Of course you’ll need to pack the essentials, but don’t forget, you owe yourself a little reward for all of your hard work. Be sure to include these things next time you travel and you’ll be prepared for both business and pleasure:

Business Cards

You probably already carry cards with you when you travel for business, but bring some extras next time. Take them with you when you go out for the evening because you never know who you will connect with. A smart business man is always networking, even when he’s not working. You can hand them out for future business opportunities, or you can slip one to the hot brunette at the bar.

Carefully Selected Outfits

In most cases sticking with solid colors, like black and white, will be your best bet because they go well with everything, and it looks classy. This means packing fewer items because everything will mix and match well, so forget about bringing extra shoes and belts. It makes the switch from business to casual quick and easy, not to mention it’s so much more efficient to pack light.

Extra Phone Battery

Nowadays, its second nature to bring a phone charger with you all the time, but there isn’t always a convenient place to plug in. If you find yourself in long meetings all day then you’ll probably find yourself wanting a drink immediately after. You may have time to change before hitting happy hour, but there will be no time to charge. Switch out the battery and problem solved.


This advice only matters if you’re single…ish. If you’re single and in a cool new city there’s no telling what could happen (better to be safe than sorry!) If you find yourself really hitting it off with the brunette you slipped your card to, then you may get to mix your business with some pleasure. Just be sure to wrap it up, especially since there’s a slim chance you’ll see her again. When in Rome!

Breath Mints

Pop a mint here and there to ensure that you aren’t offending your coworkers or other business connections. If you’ve ever been stuck in a meeting with someone and their dragon breath then you know damn well that you don’t want to be that guy. Keep it fresh and don’t scare people. Bring the mints with you for the evening as well.

Vitamin C

Traveling in general puts you at risk for colds and flus, so keep your immune system strong by upping your daily dose of vitamins. It will ward off the germs from coughs and sneezes that surround you on the plane, and keep you healthy enough for both work and play.

Keep this checklist in mind on your next scheduled business trip, it will make your life so much easier (and exciting!) After a long day, go out and explore the nightlife. Nobody was meant for all work and no play. We heard that makes you dull or something.

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