It seems that when men hit their 30’s, a couple of options present themselves. Do you settle down early and find a nice girl? Or do you continue going out to the bars and enjoy the bachelor life? Either way, there’s plenty of pros and cons for each argument.

It’s pretty common for a man in his 30’s to settle down. This is the age range where most men find a woman and start a family. It’s an age where your career is stable and you might even have some extra income to put towards having children and living a mature, quiet life. It’s like stepping away from the tables and ending the night on a high.

But who can walk away from a table when they’re winning? Will you be okay with the sacrifice of throwing in the towel on the dating scene? Once you’re married, it’s not just about you anymore. You can’t be selfish on the weekends, getting fucked up and hitting on chicks. You’ll need to tend to your relationship because it’s not a random hookup, it’s your wife.

Or you can stay single and keep the party alive! You can stay out as late as you want and hook up with every hot chick you meet without having a nagging wife at home wondering when you’ll return. The party life in your 30’s has potential for some great times, but how long will the wave last? Next thing you know it, you’ll be single in your 40’s, and that’s a tough pill to swallow.

The dating scene gets harder and harder with age, and unless you want to stay single your whole life, you need to trade it in sooner or later. Not to mention, partying gets harder with age. The nights out drinking won’t be kind on your body or looks, which makes it more difficult to sell yourself to a nice woman.

When thinking about settling down or to just continue sleeping around, don’t force the decision. If you find yourself in love with a marriage-material girl, you should settle down and drop the party life. If you can’t seem to find any decent girls that capture your heart, then it’s okay to keep dating.

Just remember, don’t skip out on the one girl you could marry just so you can keep getting fucked up and party. You’ll never forgive yourself.

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