So you hit it off with a gorgeous girl at the bar. The next step should be to take the party back to your place, right? Now you have a smoking hot girl in your bed and you’re about to rock her world like the stud that you are, so what’s left? Do you reach for a condom, or do you just go for the glory in all your excitement?

Apparently a woman’s hotness factor is directly related to how likely (or unlikely) it is for that condom to stay in the nightstand while you do the wild thing.

According to the study published in BMJ Open, men are far less concerned with wearing protection when the object of their desire is a hot piece of ass rather than someone they just consider to be moderately attractive. 51 heterosexual men were shown pictures of 20 women, and were asked two things:

1. If they had the chance to sleep with these women, would they actually do it
2. What are the chances they would wear a condom if they suspected the woman had an STD

The results showed the hotter the woman was, the more men wanted to have sex with her (duh,) but it also showed that if she was more attractive they had less intention on wearing a condom. It was also discovered that even though some men were attracted to the “riskier” women, they still have less intention of safe sex methods.

A study definitely wasn’t needed to tell us that men don’t like wearing condoms because let’s be honest, they kind of suck. Regardless, don’t let the goddess-like appearance fool you.

Even the most beautiful women can be harboring some pretty nasty STD’s between those legs, so wrap it up!

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