Just when we thought we’ve seen it all when it comes to the craziest high tech vehicles, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars emerges with a new concept car that will put chauffeurs out of work for good! Just let Eleanor take the wheel, well sort of.

The new driverless 103EX has no steering wheel, but comes with a virtual assistant named Eleanor, named after Eleanor Thornton, the model behind the car’s Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornaments. Eleanor can even book hotels and offer advice. Hopefully Siri doesn’t find out… Can you say virtual cat fight?

You won’t find the traditional 12-cylinder engine under the hood with this vehicle. The car is powered by electric motors either in the wheel hubs or under the floor. The company states that it’s still a mystery as to what will power the vehicles come late 2040s, but will most likely be electric.

The car, which debuted in London, is a stunning vehicle that is nearly 20 feet in length, which seats only two people on a silk sofa facing a screen that can be used to view movies or the outside world. The car’s door has a laser projector that can actually project a virtual red carpet to welcome its upscale occupants. An opening roof which is modeled after the clam shell in the “The Birth of Venus” painting by Botticelli allows passengers to make a grand exit as well.

The company also claims the 103EX can be operated at low speeds by using a mobile phone. Another cool feature is the luggage space. The car offers a roomy compartment that was designed based around the concierge at London’s Dorchester hotel. Not only can the bags be stored well, but they’re also automatically ejected at hand height for easy removal. Talk about convenience!

It looks like Eleanor is about to be everyone’s new favorite virtual assistance. Maybe she will even offer some advice on how to let Jeeves down easy when you tell him you no longer need his services.

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