Remember your childhood days when your older brother would come at you with a Nerf Gun and you just knew it was on? It was such a fun, innocent time indeed. Back then the delicate pelting of a nerf gun was only enough to be slightly annoying, and maybe cause a war from behind blanket forts.

Well, a former NASA engineer has created an enormous foam bullet-firing weapon that could smash through a pane of glass, which clearly packs a much bigger punch than your average childhood Nerf guns.

Rocket Scientist Mark Rober, recently unleashed his gigantic weapon and claims it now holds the title of World’s Largest Nerf Gun. In 2013, he left the American space agency to focus on all his crazy inventions, which he also features on his Youtube Channel. Now we all know what retired rocket scientists do in their free time. Pretty cool, bro.

Inspired by frequent Nerf wars at work, Rober decided to take his self defense a little too seriously. To keep people from picking on him he decided to create the world’s largest Nerf gun as a joke for retaliation, which actually works. The gun itself looks like something that would be on top of a tank, but instead it fires foam bullets, which are made from pool noodles that have plungers on the end of them.

The plungers allow the bullets to actually stick to things too! The bullets speed gets up to 40mph when launched, which would be really painful to be on the other end of.

Rober and his buddies also created aerodynamic bullets using 3D printing that can actually shoot the length of a football field and some that can even destroy a melon.

We would hate to get caught up in that crossfire!

Check out the video below to see what all went into creating this terrifying “toy.”

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