The mere mention of renting a hotel room by the hour tends to lead the mind straight into the gutter am I right? I mean, come on! There’s only one reason why someone would rent a hotel hourly…

Believe it or not, there’s actually many more uses for a quick visit other than hot and heavy activities.

A new mobile app called Recharge has made it possible to rent rooms for a shortened period of time, rather than pay the full amount for a whole night’s stay. For either $40 an hour or .66 cents a minute, you can make quick use of a hotel room for any immediate needs. However, the intent of this app isn’t to encourage its users to get down and dirty, unfortunately.

The goal of Recharge is to allow people to reserve a quiet space to prep for business meetings, handle conference calls, and even take quick naps and showers during breaks or before important lunches or dinners. The initial concern was that this app would not be used for its intent and would instead become an avenue for raunchy meet ups.

In fact, the app has fallen victim to the same gossip as Snapchat, in which many believed it was just a platform used for sexting. Justin Caldbeck of Binary Capital, who funded $2.3 million dollars for the Recharge app claims “the reality is that [sexting] was never a majority or even meaningful minority of [Snapchat] use.”

He went on to say “imagine a world where my flight lands, and I can quickly book a Recharge, access a room-service menu in the app, order it, and when I show up the room service is there.”

Many backers have compared this apps potential to other services like Airbnb, Uber, and Priceline. Recharge has been testing for the past year at Starwood and Hyatt hotels in San Francisco. Later this year, it’s expected to expand into New York and Los Angeles.

Keep an eye out for the Recharge experience, coming to a hotel near you! Just remember to keep it professional and don’t engage in hot, steamy booty calls on your lunch break.

Or if you do, just keep it to yourself, I guess.

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