One look at this brand new bike and no one would blame you for double-taking or maybe even second-guessing it.

The ECCE Opus Bike, designed by Belgian architect Pierre Lallemand, doesn’t look anything like a normal bicycle. But that’s exactly the point! A brand new, state-of-the-art look for bicycles was Lallemand’s goal and he exceeded admirably.

The futuristic frame of the bike contains brown leather and chrome, awesome combo! The bike also features a carbon fiber and glossy black finish. With 11 speeds on a Shimano Alfine shifter, and a palette of walnut, maple and pine, it has a beautifully sleek look combined with a modern design that blows all other bikes out of the water.

When bystander’s see you riding this badass bike around your neighborhood, they’re bound to ask if it’s something out of the future.

Your answer will be yes, yes it is.

Knockout Mag

Knockout Mag