Poker has a special place in the heart of many men as it’s a civilized version of war. You’re on the table to beat the others and take their money, and they’re there to do the same to you. There’s no hypocrisy, no illusions, just a straight up battle.

Don’t forget the most important thing to remember when you’re at war is, you’ve got to know your enemy.

Here’s a few of the most common types of opponents you’ll face at the poker table:

The Aggrodonk

This is the crazy guy raising and going all in most of the time. You’ll quickly recognize him, as he really hates folding and is playing all sorts of crappy hands. It’s an easy target and you need to be patient. As soon as you have a decent hand, the guy is toast. Be careful, however, since even the idiots sometimes get lucky. One last piece of advice – don’t ever bluff this guy. Ever!

The Calling Station

Another donk that should be easy to spot as he believes every single hand is worth playing because “he can get lucky.” The difference compared with the aggro donk is this guy doesn’t raise unless he has an absolute monster. He’ll be mostly calling with all sorts of hopeless hands and your best weapon against him is to value bet your good cards. He will gladly call.

The Nit

We’ve all seen players like this – they sit all night waiting for the aces and fold hand after hand. Pretty boring stuff, if you ask me, but the good thing is you can actually put him under constant pressure and steal his blinds. Be aware – if he decides to play a hand, he’s really strong.

The Shark

This is the guy you want to be at the tables with: mixing bluffs with value plays, taking advantage of the weaknesses of your opponents and winning lots of cash. These players are very tricky and you don’t want to mess with them. It’s hard to determine their strategy as it always varies depending on the others and the mood on the table.


The best advice would be to stay away from the good players and rip off the bad ones, but where’s the challenge in that? If you want to get better, don’t be scared to mess with the best. It might cost you some money, but it’s the only way to become one of them.

Good luck!

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