OK, so you’ve gone out with this girl a few times. Things are going well and it seems like you’re both truly into each other. But is the feeling reciprocated?

Determining whether or not a girl has the same interest in you that you have in her can sometimes seem impossible. Well, don’t worry gentlemen. We’re here to help!

Self-help guru Mark Manson developed “The Law of ‘Fuck Yes or No.’”

Basically, it’s a system that says you shouldn’t commit to someone unless they inspire you to say “Fuck Yes” and they want to say “Fuck Yes” to you! There absolutely has to be a mutually enthusiastic feeling between both of you to want to see each other. If there isn’t, then it’s just not for you.

Physical Attraction


There needs to be a mutual physical attraction that meets both of your standards. No, she doesn’t have to be the most smoking hot, longest-legged girl who’s ever walked into the bar and made every guy’s heads turn, but she needs to be a girl you can look at and immediately smile because you’re that attracted to her.

Yes, she will have flaws just like everyone – especially you, guy – but if you can look past those physical flaws and imperfections, you’re good!

Emotional Connection

This one goes the longest way, but it’s true. There can’t be any awkward silences between you two. Also, the conversation can’t be forced. There have been several instances where it’s hard to start up a conversation with a girl you’re seeing. It’s not because either one of you is boring, it’s because you just simply don’t have that connection.

One of the most crucial aspects of a healthy relationship is being able to have loads of fun and be able to talk with her about basically anything. That means you can have the enjoyable conversations with her as well as the more awkward, uncomfortable ones.

Itching to Text

It’s 2016. Unless you’re 50 years old and starting a new relationship, texting is going to happen between the two of you.

Just like the previous advice, there shouldn’t be a ton of awkwardness when sending messages back and forth. You shouldn’t be trying to impress her with your suaveness – because that comes naturally, of course. If you’re excited for her to be texting you then it’s obviously a good sign. The best sign? When you’re hanging out with your friend and he has to re-tell a story to you three different times because you were texting her and not listening.

Butterflies…no homo

When she is about to come over, you start getting little butterflies in your stomach, but it’s an excited nervous. You know you’re going to have a good time with her, but there’s just that little “it” factor that for some reason gets you a little nervous and excited when you’re about to see her. If that fire isn’t there, move on, bro.

She Leaves You With a Smile

After you see her, you feel reinvigorated. You walk out the door to go to your office, work out or just get a quick bite to eat. But this time is different. This time, you have a pep in your step. This time, you’re walking with a stride and have a little smirk on your face. This time, the confidence is just oozing out of you. That’s when you know.

Fuck Yes or No?
So in the end, take all of the above advice into consideration. If you can’t check off any from the list, then it’s just a casual sexual relationship.

BUT, if she hits all of these marks, you’re golden!

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