Sharing is caring, right? At least that’s what our parents and schoolteachers taught us, and that’s the same concept Seateroo is now trying to sell with their new app!

Seateroo is a brand new mobile app which allows its users to swap airline seats with other passengers for payment. If you’re stuck way in the back or in a middle seat, you can now use the app to switch seats and sit up front or in the aisle or whatever you prefer.

The app is truly a godsend, especially when you’re annoyed by loud passengers – whether a baby or an adult –and this way, you can toss someone a little extra cash to get the hell out of dodge. If you don’t give a shit about where you sit, you can sell your seat for additional travel funds.

Along with better seat location, the app also helps reduce travel costs. The app supports order entry, negotiation and electronic payments.

So how does it work?

First, ticketed passengers enter market orders to buy or sell a seat.

Then the passengers choose an order and negotiate prices before electronic payments are processed between buyers and sellers.

Following the boarding of the flight, you are then allowed to swap seats with the other passenger.

Remember Seateroo while you’re planning your summer getaways!

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