The 2016 Belmont Stakes will take place this Saturday, June 11. This is the third and final leg of the Triple Crown, also being the oldest. This track is long and fast unlike the other two races of the Triple Crown. The Belmont Stakes 1 ½ mile track is the longest out of the three Triple Crown races and is a feat in itself if you’re lucky enough to lead your horse to victory.

The track is known for late comers to defeat the winded ones coming down the stretch. Dreams are made here and the men are separated from the boys. Unfortunately, this year there will be no Triple Crown winner, but don’t let that discourage you from watching one of the best horse races of the year.

First place will receive $1.5 million and the praise of conquering such a difficult track. The opening odds for each contender is displayed below:

Exaggerator (9-5)

Stradivari (5-1)

Destin (6-1)

Cherry Wine (8-1)

Suddenbreakingnews (10-1)

Creator (10-1)

Governor Malibu (12-1)

Lani (20-1)

Brody’s Cause (20-1)

Gettysburg (30-1)

Seeking the Soul (30-1)

Forever D’Oro (30-1

Trojan Nation (30-1)

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