There’s a new app available that lets you fake it on the phone with your wife or girlfriend, but not in the way you would imagine. What if we told you there is an escape from those nights she insists that you come straight home from work to watch a Netflix marathon of whatever chick-flick inspired sitcom she’s currently into? Sometimes after a stressful day at work, you would much rather have a night with your boys, right?

So you tell her you have to work late, but then she calls and hears the sounds of a crowded bar. You can’t just not answer, because why wouldn’t you if you’re “sitting in your office at work?”


However, thanks to the Bardis Teleporter, now you can have your night out with the guys and your lady will be none the wiser. Yeah, it’s truly a win-win.

So what exactly is this Bardis Teleporter thing, other than the best app ever? Created by Richard Hardy, the Bardis Teleporter allows you to switch to a background sound of your choice. You could be at a rock concert, a sports bar, or even at an actual game, and she will never know because as far as she’s concerned you’re in your quiet office getting that overtime pay. At least that’s what it sounds like

The app was loosely named after the police box time machine from Dr. Who, also known as “Tardis.” Tardis takes the doctor to any location he wants to be, and Bardis lets you pretend to be in any location that you say you are. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The original idea came to the app developer in a bar one day. He and some buddies were out having drinks while one of the guys kept avoiding his wife’s persistent phone calls. According to him, if she found out he was out drinking he would be in big trouble. Rather than confront her, he just ignored the calls while his friends joked about making specific background noises to help cover the fact that he was at the bar. Richard had a revelation in that moment and realized that he had the perfect idea for an app that could help many men around the world.

It took 5 months of design and development, and the end result was perfect. Richard was pleased with the outcome and even goes on to say “there are far too many people out there who need the Bardis Teleporter in their life,” and we couldn’t agree more! The app is completely free to download, so as soon as you finish reading this you know what to do.

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So what are you waiting for? You can thank us later!

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