We’ve all suffered those mornings of agonizing misery when you draw the curtains, curl up in fetal position, and search for any ounce of dignity you may have left. Through the head pounding and self-loathing, you find yourself cursing the beer and liquor gods for bringing forth a wave of nausea so intense you vow to never drink again. Even though you know better than to overindulge, sometimes booze happens.

So what can you do to recover from this painful setback?


Alcohol is responsible for fluid loss as it processes through your system. So even if you feel that you hydrated early in the night, you can still wake up dehydrated. Dehydration mainly causes weakness and fatigue. It also affects liver function, which is counterproductive since your liver has a ton of alcohol to process the morning after a few too many. When you wake to a hangover battle, your first weapon of choice should always be H20. If plain water doesn’t sound appealing then keep some coconut water on hand. Unsweetened is best, and as an added bonus it replenishes and balances electrolytes, giving you a one up on that nasty hangover.

Drink a Meal

Can’t quite stomach the thought of a full meal? That’s to be expected. Instead, try making a light smoothie, which will be easy on the stomach. Leave out the heavy almond or peanut butter and just stick with something like unsweetened almond milk. Most liquid meals are infused with healthy B- vitamins to help boost liver function, and are easier to digest than solid foods. A little dose of vitamins and complex carbs will fix you up in no time!


While we’re on the subject of vitamins and hydration, it’s also wise to pop a multivitamin the morning after your fun. This will help replenish the vitamins that the alcohol has stripped away, like vitamin B-12 and folate for example. These are key factors in supporting blood flow, boosting energy, and replenishing all the positive body functions which go into hiding while a hangover takes over your life temporarily. Reach for your bottle of many splendored nutrients and begin the journey on the road to recovery.

Fight Nausea With Ginger

The best way to keep nausea at bay is to incorporate ginger into your life. This goes for nausea in general as well as hangover nausea. Remember when your mom would give you ginger ale for tummy aches as a kid? She had some good reasoning behind that. Ginger helps to settle the stomach and will also relieve nausea and prevent vomiting. All you need is a few ginger slices added to that water you were told to drink earlier and you will be good to go!

Deep Relaxation

Chances are you cancelled all plans and have nowhere to be, so try to lie flat on a blanket on the floor and relax. Take some deep controlled breaths which will also help ease any residual hangover headaches. You can even try applying a cool compress to the eyes, if that’s comfortable. Otherwise, you can just focus on breathing and relaxing to help ease your suffering.

Sleep In

Sometimes next day obligations prevent this option for recovery, but if at all possible go back to bed and sleep it off. In most cases, sleep is the best hangover cure of all, next to hydration of course. While you’re asleep, your liver can go to work to eliminate the toxins and the reign of terror that you have bestowed upon it. If you don’t have time to sleep all day, then try to take a quick nap, and set an alarm.

Next time you break your vow of alcohol abstinence, remember these tips to help you and your liver find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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