Rock climbing is one of those adventure sports that require focus and dedication, not to mention faith that falling to an untimely death isn’t an option. You may have heard the word “dyno” being tossed around by seasoned climbers. So what exactly is this new trend they speak of?

A ‘dyno’ is easily defined as “making a dynamic movement to get to the next hold.” Basically, you go for it and hope for the best because once you’ve made your move, there’s no going back. Rather than stretching and reaching, you jump as high or as far as needed, and use that extra momentum to reach the destination and grab on. Accomplishing a move like this takes accuracy, control, and an insane amount of core strength. You must be able to risk it all and hang on tight!

The momentum plays both friend and enemy in this instance. While it helps the climber reach their goal, it makes it much harder to keep a solid grip since the climber’s weight is pushed in another direction from the force of the jump. This is where that insane amount of core strength comes in.

Some dynos do occur in nature, but the best ones are usually designed for climbing competitions. Since these designed courses have a padded mat to land on, climbers don’t have to hold back from fear of slipping and injuring themselves, or worse. This allows for highly skilled aerial dynos, in which the climber jumps and leaves the wall completely between holds, giving them the chance to really go for it.

There are some pretty cool videos on this new trend, go check out RedBull and @campusdyno on Instagram.

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