Now that selfies have pretty much become an everyday thing, an Austrian technology firm called loT Group, has taken the average selfie to the next level, literally. Just when you thought there was nothing more convenient than the selfie stick, the new flying ROAM-e makes its debut as the newest opportunity to capture those desired angles. Yeah, ALL the angles…

To get the selfie stick to fly along with you, first it must be connected to a smart phone. After that, you can snap your selfies from any angle, including a 360 full panorama. It can even stream live, or record up to 20 minutes of video. Video huh?…

The facial recognition feature allows it to follow its owner for up to 82 feet, and additional features such as an application to drop a pin on a map will be added to instruct the device to return to you after live streaming from a certain distance. Once you’re finished capturing all the best memories, the collapsible rotors allow you to conveniently stash it in your bag or pocket for easy transport.

The Roam-e will be available in various places beginning in June, and will be competing with Lily Camera, a US company. Lily’s prices start at $899, where this device will be available for purchase at only $267.

Thanks to Roam-e, the sky is the limit and the fun is worth the price.

Knockout Mag

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