Atlantic City, Reno, and Monte Carlo, are great gambling spots, but there’s truly no place like Vegas, Baby! It’s the gambling capital of the world, offering over 70 casinos and a ton of options, whether high stakes for veterans, or low stakes for beginners.

Here is a list of the top 3 best spots to play poker in the City of Lights!


As made clear by the hit film Ocean’s Eleven, the richest and most talented poker players in the world line the tables of the Bellagio every single night. This casino can take beginners, but beware as it’s been established mainly for the big bucks, and high rollers, which include exclusive tables to play in privacy.


If the high stakes, exclusive games of the Bellagio are still a couple years away for you, visit the Venetian, which offers low and medium stakes players. You’re almost always guaranteed to find a good amount of poker games to play, although high stakes games are much rarer. Plus, the Venetian offers the Deep Stack Extravaganza, a series of poker tournaments taking place during the World Series of Poker.


The Wynn has high stakes, low/medium stakes, and a tournament series on this list. They also highlight recreational poker for those not looking to burn their wallets. With games ranging from $1-$4,000, there are places for the most experienced players and the groups of rookies.

Make sure your next visit to Sin City includes a few stops to these poker rooms, you’ll thanks us later!

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