In a most bizarre development, Tokyo-based company Tenga, an “Adult Concept” corporation, has brought forth the single creepiest application to virtual reality sex.

The VR sex suit, which sells for $400 apiece, has already sold out in several markets. The product uses a virtual headset to project anime images of POV women, and a 3D “masturbation sculpture.” There is also an oscillating lever which allows you to free up your hands… to do whatever you wish with these “pretend tits.”

Inside the suit are sensors that transmit electrical impulses to your body, which simulates the sensation and feeling of a woman’s body… on you.

If you find yourself in a slump, and have hit a bit of a cold streak, maybe you’ll want to invest in one of these. Then again, there’s always real life women…with real life boobs.

Oh, and don’t forget, you’re basically getting, err, “played with,” by a robot. Fun stuff if you’re into an “Ex Machina” type of creepiness.

Knockout Mag

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