You can tell a lot about a man based on his handshake. The dead fish, soft shake? Clear indicator of a pussy. Too hard and too long? Obviously trying to compensate for something.

Here’s a few quick steps on how to master that smooth handshake and make you look like a boss.

You’re Not a Robot

Get your body into it, dude. If the only thing moving is your right arm and hand, you already failed. Stand up straight, get your hands out of your pants, and look like you’re into it.

Keep Eye Contact

Use those same smooth bachelor skills you use at the bar. Women love a guy with confidence who looks her in the eyes and smiles – that’s how you got that beautiful girl at the bar to go home with you last weekend. Use that same mentality and charm on people at the office. Except, you know… with different intentions.

Get in Position

You’re not giving the other person a low-five. Don’t have your palm facing up or down. Keep it completely flat and angled sideways with your thumb pointed towards the ceiling.

Touch Gloves

Make contact with the other person’s hand diagonally and wrap your fingers around the person’s hand firmly.

Finish Strong

With your thumb and fingers squeezed strongly around the other’s hand (but not too strongly, you’re not trying to suffocate them,) shake from your elbow. Give either two or three pumps then release (don’t use this advice with women, for the love of god.)

Remember to always smile when you’re shaking someone’s hand, but not in a creepy way, you don’t want to scare them off. This is a friendly handshake, not a sexual innuendo.

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