Look, we all know that hotel sex is so much hotter than regular sex. But why? It’s a question we’ve been asking for years. Just being away from home is relaxing, but there is something liberating and almost magical about getting busy in a hotel room rather than your own bed. Apparently science has the answer to this mystery, pinning brain chemicals as the culprit for the spark in carnal energy.

According to licensed psychotherapist Ian Kerner, having sex in a hotel rather than your own bed causes a rush of neurotransmitters, which take over the brain when you have sexual encounters. Just the novelty of the hotel room alone stimulates dopamine, which is what controls the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. That feel good chemical is also released when you treat yo’ self.

“There’s a psychological mindset when people check into a hotel that they can pamper themselves. There’s something a little luxurious, languorous, sumptuous about a hotel that lends itself to feeling sexual,” says Kerner.

It’s too bad you can’t high five this fuzzy little feeling for contributing to your awesome hotel sex life.

Day to day stress and anxieties are less than sexy, and can kill your inner desire to get frisky. Your bedroom harbors all of your adult problems like bills to pay, girlfriends you miss, laundry you should have done last week, and none of it includes room service. In a hotel you can step out of your real life and just enjoy the simple things, including a hot, steamy hump sesh.

Next time you feel the need to spice up your life, you know what to do. Check in to the nearest Holiday Inn so you can take it all off, and get it all on…her.

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