There are tons of people in the world who think sports betting is one big sham and it’s just a huge roll of the dice. They believe it’s only a select few who are truly lucky enough to win big on a sports bet.

But…they’re wrong! Dead wrong.

Here are some tips to help you prove those people wrong, and improve your sports betting game!

Search for Value

It doesn’t make sense to attack games with a team that is heavily favorited – that’s what everyone is doing. No, you need to find the value match-ups where you can take the underdog. It’s crazy how accurate Las Vegas OddsMakers are when they create the spreads. Still, keeping that in mind, if a team is favorited by 22 points, odds are they will not be able to live up to that billing. We’re not advocating betting on long shots, however, be careful with this approach and do not get too trigger happy.

Stick With College

When betting on any team sport, it’s best to try and stray away from putting money on professional games like the NBA or NFL. Although the bigger bucks can be made there, always be wary of the phrase, Saturdays are where you make all your money. Sundays are where you give it all back.

Experts Are Not Experts

Sports writers and gambling experts are wrong way more often than they are right (take that from a guy who has spent the last two years making failed predictions on college football and basketball games.) The only person in the world you can truly, 100% trust is yourself. When in doubt, do not seek out the advice from a so-called “expert.” Instead, go with your own instinctive gut feelings and sports knowledge.

Bet With Your Head

While we suggest going with your own gut instincts, never, ever bet with your heart. That will only get you into trouble. Just because you’re a die-hard Browns fan does not mean you should throw $1,000 down on them to beat the Patriots. Have a good reason before placing a bet, and being a fan of the team you’re betting on is not a good reason.

Find the Best Line Possible

Lazy sports betting gets you thrown directly into the red. Just because a game is on national TV tonight and you want to make your night a little more interesting doesn’t mean you should pull the trigger. Even a half point can be the different between winning and losing (think Al Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday.) Use sports book accounts when betting online in order to quickly scan through the pages to find the best line available.

Sure, these aren’t exactly secrets to becoming a millionaire sports bettor, but these simple reminders will improve your approach to sports betting and hopefully, rake in some cash!

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