What’s killing your phone battery? The short answer is… everything. Humans seem to find it difficult to detach themselves from their portable life source, which in turn results in shorter battery life. However, there are a few things beyond basic usage that can be causing extra strain on your battery. Get ready to have your blind blown!

Background Apps

Many applications tend to run in the background, even if you aren’t actively using them. Not only does this destroy battery life, but it also slows your phone down. While there are a few system apps that are required to run in the background, you can minimize the amount of unwanted apps eating up your battery by going through and uninstalling any of the ones you’re no longer using.

Location, Location, Location

Any time your location is tracked, your battery is left to suffer. Enabling the location feature is extremely harmful to battery life. Unless you’re using your phone for directions, it’s best to turn off your Location services completely.

Automatic Updating

A lot of phones allow updates to take place automatically. If these updates begin while your battery is about to bite the dust, then that kills it even quicker. Check your phone settings and disable the automatic update feature so you can control when these occur.

Screen Brightness

Unless you enjoy headaches and less time on Tinder, turn down the brightness on your screen. You can set it to automatically adjust based on the lighting in the room, but even that can be brighter than necessary, so just dimming your screen is the best option. Trust me, your battery and your eyes will thank you later.

Turn off Vibrate

It actually takes more power for your phone to accommodate a vibration setting than it does for it to actually ring. So set your incoming calls to ring loud and proud, unless you’re in a quiet environment, in which case mute is probably the way to go.

So there you have it! Experiment with some of these suggestions and reap the benefits of a longer lasting battery, which will give you just enough time to post about your excitement on Facebook.

You’re welcome!

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