You’re out at your favorite bar on a Saturday night and you peek over to see a sexy, little thing across the way. Maybe you’re a little drunk and had one too many whiskey cokes but you swear she’s a 10.

In a crowded room, with so many guys to look at, how do you get her to notice YOU? Before you walk over and start sweet talking your way into trouble, check out these five tips on how to steal her attention:

Send a Drink Over

There’s a fine line between cliché and classy, so don’t be that weirdo trying to be overly cheesy. When it comes to buying her a drink, avoid the guessing game by hoping she wants a vodka cranberry. Maybe she has four brothers and is more of a whiskey type of girl. You never know, so do the smart thing and ask the bartender what she’s been ordering, or ask her what she would like to drink. Worst case scenario, you end up spending a few extra bucks with a nice gesture. Best case scenario, well, you know.

Show Her a Magic Trick

Just kidding. For God’s sakes, if you pull out a deck of cards it’s pretty damn obvious you’re going home alone. Don’t be a dumbass.

Buy a Round For The Bar

This one is reserved exclusively for the high rollers who can afford to dish out plenty of cash on a night out. If you’re close enough to where she’s sitting/standing, show off by ponying up some extra coin. Yes, it’s risky, and can make you look like a huge douche or a smooth, confident big shot. But, if it works, it spells nothing but “happy ending” for both of you.

Tell Her You’re a Billionaire Astronaut Ex-NFL Quarterback

OK, so you nutted up, grew some balls, and made your way over there. You introduced yourself and got to know a little about her, but now it’s your time to shine. Women love funny guys – I know, I know, not exactly breaking news. Show her your charm by easing the tension and laying down a joke about what you do for a living. Just make sure you tell her what your actual career entails right after – unless you’re a janitor, then stick with the joke.

Show Off Your Dance Moves

You may not be the best dancer in the world, but who cares, that doesn’t matter at this point. Women love a man with confidence. Everyone in the bar will notice your dancing, especially her. If you’re a pretty damn good dancer, than she will notice, and might even want to join in. If you suck, and just flat out embarrass yourself, she’s probably going to be impressed with your confidence and BONUS: She’s laughing! Women LOVE to laugh.

Remember, she can have anyone she wants in this bar, make that guy YOU!

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