Sex with an ex, what else is new? It happens even when we know it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, the fact that she’s your EX for a reason isn’t something that runs through your mind right before you begin the horizontal tango. Even though we know “ex sex” is a bad idea, it still feels so right sometimes. She knows what you like, and you already have her body permanently stored in your mental…hard drive.

When you break-up with someone, it’s hard to get back out there and start meeting people again. Sometimes you just crave the familiarity and comfort that comes from sleeping with a person you already know. Or, you just really want to get one last hate f**k in with your ex.

It all starts with the, “You Up?” text and somehow you end-up grabbing a drink. A few hours later you’re making out, and racing back to your place. It feels good at the time because you both miss each other and are probably still in the process of getting over one another. Plus, you’re so horny you think you might blow!

Here’s where it might get a little sticky… When you still have unresolved feelings for your ex, it can be difficult to JUST have sex with them and have it only be about the sex. Old feelings could arise, and you could find yourself wanting to fall for this girl all over again.

Or, you just have super-hot sex, and then out of nowhere she starts bitching like she used to and you remember all over again why she’s your EX.

Try as you may, it’s hard to resist having sex with your ex. Chances are it’s not going to end-up well. You may hurt yourself and each other because those old feelings are hard to shake. If and when you hook-up with your ex, know you can take solace in the fact that you aren’t the first person or the last person to make this same mistake.

Proceed with caution!

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